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• Customers that would like to purchase advertising on the Bing network can do so at a discount by creating a brand-new free account on the platform. New members will receive a coupon codes and credits good towards future advertising endeavors, with other special offers, deals, and discounts being made available regularly as well.

• Take advantage of all the free Bing tracking tools and technology of available when advertising on this network. This gives customers the opportunity to better understand their reach and conversion rates.

• Bing routinely offers extra credit on advertising purchases. One deal entitles members to $150 worth of free advertising with the purchase of $50 of advertising on Bing.

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Save $100 In Search Advertising When You Spend $25 In Bing Ads

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Bing Ads is a resource that company owners can use to create their own advertisements that can be displayed on Bing (a search engine). When you first visit their website you will be able to browse through customizing tips so you can learn how to create the most effective advertisement for your marketing campaign. You will also be able to sign up for an account so you can begin developing the ads and posting them on relevant websites. They do not offer any ways to save, such as a sale page, though they may have different promotions throughout the year around major holidays where you can save on ad packages.